What Gynaecology Services are available at The Surrey Park Clinic?

With over 14 years of experience in treating gynaecological conditions, The Surrey Park Clinic has state-of-the-art equipment along with the expertise to enable us to diagnose and treat a full range of gynaecological conditions. From providing a quick and accurate diagnosis to supporting your treatment and recovery, the clinic can offer a fully integrated approach to manage all aspects of your care.

Consultant Gynaecologists

You will receive expert advice and treatment in the comfortable surroundings of our specialist health clinic. With a very experienced team of Consultant Gynaecologists who specialise in women’s health, you will receive excellent care and treatment. 

Our team of Consultant Gynaecologists can perform minimally invasive techniques for any surgery you may require. The Consultants operate locally on the NHS and privately, giving patients the choice for any surgery they may require at different locations.

Patients can choose who to see from our team of experienced Consultants – Mr Emmanuel Kalu, Mr Jay Chatterjee, Miss Julia Kopeika, Miss Petya Doncheva, Miss Lilian Ugwumadu and Mr Magdy Moustafa

What Treatment is Available for Gynaecological Conditions?

We provide treatment for the full range of gynaecological conditions including early pregnancy care, abnormal smears, endometriosis, fibroids and urinary tract infections.

We can treat minor conditions in the clinic and have a team of trained nurses, sonographers and HCA’s that support the consultants.

More information about all the conditions, simply call us on 01483 454 016

Gynaecological Overview

Mr Jay Chatterjee discusses some of the gynaecological conditions we can help with

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Well Woman Check Clinic

Every Well Woman check is tailored to suit your needs and includes a consultation with an experienced Women’s health specialist Consultant to discuss your lifestyle, medical history, family history and any concerns you may have regarding your health.

Ovarian Cancer Screening

With appointments available on evenings and weekends, the clinic offers urgent appointments for Ovarian Cancer Screening or last minute appointments for patients who have had a positive/abnormal smear and would like to see a specialist.

Fertility Screening

We offer appointments with our Consultants who specialise in Fertility, for those who want to see what their options are. This appointment includes a consultation, baseline scan and hormone blood tests. Appointments are available in the evenings and weekends for convince.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

To book an initial gynaelogical appointment please call 01483 454 016 or use the link below to book on-line. You can complete the Gynaecology Questionnaire in advance of booking or after.

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